Afghanistan IP Laws

The Afghanistan government enacted a number of laws in the field of intellectual property law, which the most related laws of Afghanistan in the field of intellectual property law along with their unofficial English translations are gathered and published here. The above laws are amended several times and are subject to amendments from time to time. Also, the laws in Afghanistan are drafted and published in two official languages of Pashto and Dari, Therefore, in order to confirm if a certain provision of above laws is not amended and if the English translation of a certain provision is correct, please write to us for free consultation.

IP Laws in Dari & Pashto
Afghanistan Trademarks Law
Afghanistan Trademark Registration and Renewal Procedure
Afghanistan Regulation on Protection of Industrial and Commercial Secrets of Medical and Chemical Products
Afghanistan Laws on Protection of Designs of Integrated Circuit
Afghanistan Laws on Protection of Commercial and Industrial Secrets
Afghanistan Law on Protection of Rights of Inventor and Discoverer
Afghanistan Copyright Law
IP Laws in English
Trademarks Law
Afghanistan Copyright Law

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